Further phage projects and information pages

The growing interest in phage therapy due to the antibiotics crisis is fortunately now also reflected in an increasing number of phage projects, so that an accumulation of knowledge and experience is to be expected in the coming years. Neither the following list claims to be complete, nor the order of the list should imply any kind of rating.

  • The project Phagoflow at the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus in Berlin evaluates the “magistral application” of phages mainly in surgical fields of application.
  • The Vienna-based company Phagomed is also developing phage-based therapeutics, in particular against biofilm-associated bacterial infections. It was acquired by BioNTech end of 2021.
  • The Eliava-Institute in Tbilisi (Georgia) is considered the “cradle” of research on phages and their therapeutic applications.
  • The Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences also has a long tradition in phage research and therapy.
  • The Center for Innovative Phage Applications and Therapeutics was founded in the USA in 2018 to therapeutically apply phage and to investigate it in clinical studies.
  • The Nationale Forum Phagen at the University of Hohenheim is a network and platform for phage research in medicine, veterinary science, the food sector and environmental science. Unfortunately, the pages are not updated any longer.
  • The portal Phage Directory is a huge treasure trove of other institutes, research groups and companies involved in phage research and application.